G4J: high-potential job search or threat to the market?

How much potential is there on job boards?

There are many providers in the area of ​​job exchanges and job search engines. Monster, Indeed and Stepstone fight for market leadership with unusual media appearances and commercials. However, they also have to share them with business-relevant social media such as XING and LinkedIn. These not only offer a network, but also a job exchange and the opportunity to apply for interesting jobs directly from the network. The industry has huge potential.

According to a 2018 Forsa survey, one in three German employees is ready to leave their current employer if a better offer comes. This means that companies have to invest particularly in their employer branding and also in personnel marketing in order to attract the right specialists. Over 77% of all German employers do this with the help of job advertisements online. Furthermore, about 63% of companies use social media to draw attention to vacancies and, above all, to address a young target group. In monetary terms, this is almost 2 billion euros in market potential.

What makes Google's job search so innovative?

With such a high market potential in the industry, it is actually surprising that the start of Google's job search in Germany was a long time coming. After all, the search in the USA and other countries has been very successful for some time.

The job search from Google differs from the other job portals primarily by one thing: You don't need access, no premium versions or anything else to show up in the job ads. Only the job advertisement is relevant and must be provided with some attributes [Link to 2nd blog post] in order to be listed in the search results.

Google thus particularly avoids the problem that many job advertisements on job boards are out of date because nobody conscientiously updates and maintains them. The focus is usually placed on the company's own side in order to present it as nicely as possible and the job exchanges are neglected. With the job search, however, the company pages are given priority, which makes this function particularly attractive for employers.

What numbers does Google already have?

With all the potential that job hunting and the overall market hold, the question now naturally arises as to which piece of Google can already claim the rich cake for itself. Quite an enormous one indeed. Because in almost 92% of all cases, the job search spits out a relevant result for the search query and is therefore in first place in the results list. The size of the result box consequently pushes the other organic search results down.

Of course, ads from Google partners such as LinkedIn or XING are still integrated in the search results.

In the long term, however, it is the goal of the search engine giant to get directly to the source and to do without the intermediate steps in the form of job exchanges. This is probably one of the reasons why API indexings can be viewed and even requested by Google.

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Author: SEO for Jobs
Published at 06.10.2019
Modified at 25.05.2020
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